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Update:  29/10/21  The Pines Tennis Courts are open!

Court bookings are available for members and to the general public within COVID-19 restrictions. 

The club's committee intends to provide the safest possible environment for members and the general public. Please refer to the club's COVID-19 Safety Plan ACT Government and Tennis ACT requirements and recommendations for opening up tennis COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines have been implemented. Importantly this includes measures designed to limit interaction between people and groups.

Tennis Club operations are returning to normal within the following COVID-19 guidelines.

  • The Check in CBR app must be used to register your attendance on arrival. 

  • The clubhouse is open.

    • Masks must be worn inside the clubhouse. (Masks are not required to be worn in outside areas.)

    • There is a limit of 10 people in the clubhouse at any one time. (One person per 4 square metres)

    • The clubhouse must have a COVID-19 wipe down following the completion of organised social, coaching and competition events. Refer to the Supervisors Cleaning Checklist.

  • Sanitiser for hands must be used

    • at the front gate when using the pin pad and opening the gate

    • before and after your games

  • Bringing your own food and drink is allowed, however, shared food and drink is not allowed.

  • Be aware of what surfaces you touch and if you touch the on-court equipment such as net, net handle, hoses, and court bagger you must clean these before you leave.


COVID-19 Supervisor Cleaning Check List for clubhouse

A kit has been prepared for supervisor or person in charge of organised social tennis, pennant tennis or coaching classes.

The kit comprises of:

•             2 x bottles of viraclean surface spray and wipe (which is a hospital grade disinfectant)

•             1 x box of large disposable gloves

•             2 x rolls of paper towels

•             2 x tidy bags

After tennis has finished it will be the responsibility of organiser to spray and wipe all surfaces which may have been used.  Please use the disinfectant spray, disposable gloves, paper towels and tidy bags provided.   This cleaning includes toilet seat and lid, hand basin, light fittings, door handles and ledges where people may have been near.

Once cleaning has finished, place all used paper towels and rubber gloves in tidy bag and then place it in the outside trash pack.  Storing in garbage bin inside the clubhouse is not an option.

There is a 5-litre bottle of viraclean available which will be stored in locked cupboard when refilling the spray bottles is required.



Before you play - you must stay at home if you:
  • Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, been overseas or been to an exposure site in the last 14 days

  • Have flu-like symptoms

  • Are under Stay-at-Home orders, or are in quarantine

  • Or are in a high-risk health category

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