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Our Story

The Pines Tennis Club is located on the corner of Goldstein Crescent and Norriss Street in Canberra's southern suburb of Chisholm. The Pines Tennis Club is a non-profit organisation run and managed by members as a community facility since 1986. The Pines Tennis Club owes its success to the involvement of its dedicated and enthusiastic members.

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The Club is administered by a committee elected from the membership each year at the annual general meeting (AGM). There are also sub-committees to fundraise, organise social events, tournaments, pennant teams, manage junior development and plan ahead for Club improvements. Membership fees are determined at the AGM and remain in place for the duration of the year.

Our Sponsors & Affiliates

Tennis ACT is the governing body for Tennis in the Canberra region and provides ongoing advice, support and vision for Tennis in the ACT.

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The Vikings Groups have provided support to the Pines Tennis Club for over 2 decades through their community sports program and grants.

The ACT Government provides support to the Club through grants for critical works on Club infrastructure including new lights, court upgrades and other maintenance. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Pine Tennis Club please don't hesitate to contact any of the Committee members or the Head Coach below:

Club Email:

President: Graeme Barnes-  0409 308 039

Secretary: Elizabeth Blanco-  0422 992 441

Treasurer: Tony Bishop -  0404 767 556

Membership & Court Hire: Kerry Scarlett-  0414 292 150

Head Coach: Robert Jamieson-  0432 118 204 or

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